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Health, Safety & Environment

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS has the necessary knowledge, experience and practical understanding needed to create value and security for our customers.

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HSE management System

Health and Safety


Inspections and Equipment Tests

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS performs audits, inspections and equipment verification testing for at vast number of industries. The main focus in these services is Safety – loss prevention and compliancy to legislation.

To be carried out either on board a unit, in an office environment or at a vendor´s facility e.g. a shipyard.

Factory Acceptance Tests

Commisioning and Acceptance Test services

Supplier Audit Program

Management Systems

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS can assist in the preparation or production of a Management System for the operation of Drilling Units, both onshore and offshore. The Management system will comply with ISO 9001; this specifies the requirements for a quality assurance system where a Company demonstrates its ability to comply with the applicable regulatory requirements and its own requirements. The management system can be delivered as a full set of Manuals and Procedures in a hard copy version and/or an online web based version.

Maintenance Systems

Equipment Specifikation and Procurement Support

Marine Consultancy

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS has established a dynamic Marine Service department for the offshore Oil and Gas and Wind Power Industry.

Marine Consultancy

Meet the Team

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS is owned by Torben Frederiksen and Mette Kristensen.

Together, we have many years of experience within the shipping, oil and gas industry.

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Training and Education

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS can develop and customize a wide range of training material and courses to meet the specific objectives of an individual client as well as off-the-shelf courses.


Safety Awareness

Introduction to Oil and Gas Drilling

Drilling Seminars

Safety and Familiarization

Rig Equipment and Systems