Marine Consultancy

Experienced Marine Professionals

The department is manned with experienced marine professionals. What sets SVENDBORG WAVE apart from other marine service providers offering similar services is the fact that the personnel within our organization have an extensive working experience from the industry – some exceeding thirty years or more. This benefits our clients by adding support whenever additional input and opinion are desired.
Provision of world-class personnel and expertise in support of offshore marine operations:

  • Rig moving services.
  • Provision of Client Representatives, Owners’ Representatives and Charterers’ Representatives during rig moves and/or various vessel operations.
  • Emplacement of FPSOs and other floating structures on site.
  • Ship to Ship (STS) Operations.
  • Provision of marine superintendents to support dry transportations.
  • Turnkey services to support marine operations associated with offshore projects and engineering.
  • Marine contracting.

MODU Suitability, Audits and On/Off Hire Surveys.

  • Writing and approving offshore marine procedures.
  • Undertaking industry standard audits such as the IMCA Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID) and OVID-Inspections.
  • Pre-Hire Inspections/On-Hire Inspections
  • P&I pre-entry surveys.
  • Supporting incident investigations for clients or insurers.
  • Development and delivery of training covering the full range of subjects, including health, safety, security and environmental issues (ref. section Training and Education).
  • General marine consultancy related to the offshore and shipping industries.

Particularly Marine Scope of Services

Services are broadly separated into:

  1. General marine support.
  2. Rig move services.
  3. QHSE audits.
  4. Accident and Insurance Investigation.
  5. Design and approval of sea-fastening arrangements.
  6. Stowage and stability planning.

General Marine Support

Co-ordinate Operators activities in relation to authorities approval of drilling units:

  • Preparation of detailed marine procedure documentation for offshore marine operations; rig moves, installation & abandonment and offshore construction projects.
  • Provision of offshore marine representation for rig and barge moves, pipe laying and construction operations.
  • Management and supervision of site survey services.
  • Vessel, rig, barge and marine plant audits.
  • Management and supervision of marine equipment rentals.
  • Marine surveying for audit & contractual purposes; cargo reconciliation.
  • Damage assessment.
  • Liaison with governmental and regulatory bodies including classification and warranty.
  • ISM, Safety & SMS Audits; preparation & review of company and contractor SMS documentation.

Marine Consultancy Offshore

SVENDBORG WAVE can supply to the Operator qualified and experienced Marine personnel to act as Rig Move Master during rig moves and/or Marine Representative during rig moves or other marine operations.

It has generally become a requirement that detailed rig move procedures are prepared by the operator.

SVENDBORG WAVE can supply a Rig Move Master who can prepare the document, ensuring that the integrity of the owner’s and operator’s assets is protected.

If plans are forwarded by other consultants the details will be scrutinized by the Rig Move Master and necessary corrections will take place to ensure conformity with the legislation of the country of registration of the unit as well as the general requirements contained in Operators guidelines and procedures.

Plans prepared by the Rig Move Master will be forwarded to the Rig Owner (Drilling Contractor) in order to obtain his comments and acceptance.

Stowage, Stability and Approval of Sea-Fastening Arrangements

Transport starts already upon packing. We can accompany your project as a controlling body right from the very start of the intended transport. Our surveyors can actively be involved to review plans, advice on handling/transport, stowage, lashing and securing of all kind of cargoes.

Loading/lashing- and discharging surveys can be conducted anywhere in the world upon request.

If required we can also offer project management services to optimize planning and execution of your operations. If we do not happen to have all the necessary resources in-house, we can assist you with selected companies in order to optimize your project.

The project and verification process consider stability, overall strength, sea keeping of the ship, analysis of navigating conditions on voyage route, cargoes grillage and sea fastenings, local strength of ship.

All projects to be approved by competent authorities/organizations e.g.

  • Register of Shipping (RS)
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO)
  • Class (ABS, Lloyds, DNV, etc.)
  • Insurance Companies

Consultancy Services and Surveys

SVENDBORG WAVE offer consultancy services and surveys, which consist of:

  • Surveys/supervision of (pre-) loading and discharging of heavy loads and general cargo
  • Marine surveys
  • Warehouse inspections
  • Warranty surveys
  • Supercargo/port captain services
  • Project management
  • Contacts with ship owners, masters, cargo superintendents and all other parties concerned for a safe loading, stowage and securing of cargoes.