Commissioning and Acceptance Test Services

Commissioning Plan

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS can draw up a commissioning plan in cooperation with each equipment manufacture that will provide an accountable, verified system in order to ensure that the equipment and systems will perform as intended during its operations and that it will continue to function in a safe and reliable manner over the expected lifespan.

Commissioning and Pre-commissioning

  • Provide a method to properly manage the installation of equipment in an organized, safe, and efficient manner.
  • Provide a method for recording and documenting the installation and start-up of equipment and systems.
  • Will demonstrate that the installed equipment and structures meet contractual, operational, and regulatory obligations.
  • Will be installed with proper certification.
  • Have been inspected at regular intervals during manufacturing.
  • Have been appropriately function- and load tested.
  • Will operate safely and reliably.

Acceptance Test

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS can supply an Acceptance Test Program, which describes the outline requirements with regards to the acceptance testing of the rigs. This will include both new buildings as well as existing rigs after a major overhaul.

The Acceptance Test Program

The Acceptance Test Program is based on the following:

  • All rig commissioning has been performed.
  • Rig certification and authorisation are in progress and no issues, which could hinder full acceptance from Flag State or Class, have been raised.

The Acceptance Test Program of the rig is divided into two main activities:

  • Test according to approved Acceptance Test Procedures.
  • Duration Test.

SVENDBORG WAVE ApS can prepare and issue an overall schedule generated on the base of the detailed test procedures.

The acceptance and duration tests should ideally reflect a specific work program with associated activities during operation.

Besides the operational and technical specifications, which have to be met, the result of the acceptance test should also verify that the rig crew meet expectations with regards to safety, rig crew performance, and competences.