Training and Education seminars

Training material and courses

SVENDBORG WAVE can develop and customize a wide range of training material and courses to meet the specific objectives of an individual client as well as off-the-shelf courses.

SVENDBORG WAVE can arrange and carry out the following courses:

  • Safety Awareness
  • Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling
  • Drilling Seminars
  • Jacking
  • Team Building Training
  • Specific Safety and Familiarization
  • Rig Equipment and Systems

Safety Awareness

SVENDBORG WAVE can arrange and carry out customized safety awareness courses for a wide range of industries such as:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Shipyards
  • Wind power
  • Power plants
  • Building Industry

The purpose is to focus on the attitude of the individual participant regarding safety. This will include introducing the participants to the company safety systems in order to improve the safety and the working environment.

Safety awareness is a mind-set.

  • Safety policy.
  • Introduction to the safety and working environment policies and procedures of the company.
  • Participate in risk assessments and make suggestions for corrective actions.
  • Accidents and near misses will be investigated to identify the root causes and subsequently discuss which actions should be taken to prevent similar incidents.
  • Learn how to observe and look for hazards and risks in their daily working and living environments.
  • Safety observation by visiting a workplace, where the principles, systems, and forms taught on the course will be tested “live” with subsequent debriefing and discussion of the results.

Introduction to Oil & Gas Drilling

This seminar will expose the participants to terminology, concepts, processes and equipment used to drill oil and gas wells from start to completions and production.

The participants will be able to identify rig components, make simple rig sizing calculations, describe basic drilling fluids, drill bit selection concepts, directional drilling plans and tools used in this technology. Additionally fundamentals of well control drilling tool selection and the important standards used in the drilling industry.

Well Control (Seminar)

This Seminar includes the physical principles and concepts related to maintaining and regaining control of formation pressures while drilling a well.

It is suitable for persons desiring to learn the common methods of well control.

The participants will gain knowledge of well control theory and be exposed to the practical and theoretical skills required to most well control situations.

Team Building Training

SVENDBORG WAVE can build and carry out a complete training and team building session for senior and junior personnel in order to ensure that sufficient competences are achieved before start up of a new operation or unit.

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