Safety and Familiarization


The objectives of this course are to provide to all personnel information that will:

  • Enable each individual to recognize general hazards associated with the planning and performing of the daily work;
  • Assist personnel to avoid risks that are associated with general hazards;
  • Allow personnel to familiarize themselves with the systems and procedures in place for ensuring a safe working environment.

Within SVENDBORG WAVE safety is defined as:

  • Freedom from danger, risk or threat of harm, injury or loss to personnel and/or property, whether caused deliberately or by accident.
  • Control over all dangerous situations which can lead to loss of resources and equipment.
  • Accidents or Incidents covering all undesired situations which can result in or in slightly different circumstances can result in injury to people or damage to material, the environment or result in production stop.


  • Development of course materials
    • Lecture plan.
    • Soft copy of course manual for use on laptop PC.
    • Education PowerPoint presentation materials.
    • Cases, group work, knowledge tests.
    • Offshore learning book, exercises and problem solving tasks.
  • Course execution with use of internal and external instructors.
    • We will use SVENDBORG WAVE and external instructors.
    • Support each participant during offshore stay and correct exercises.

The course manual will describe some of the most important elements of the safety system connected with the work on a drilling rig.

Quality Management System

Part of the contents of the course manual can be taken from the clients Quality Management System in order to customize the course.

  • List of contents
  • General description
  • Emergency response organization
  • Environmental Management System
  • Fire fighting
  • Going to the rig
  • Hazardous products
  • Important safety facts
  • ISM Code
  • ISPS
  • Lifting/hoisting operations
  • Organization
  • Personal safety
  • Safe working practices
  • Safety awareness.

Specific topics that will be focused on is:

  • Observation reporting system e.g. STOP card.
  • Work permit form.
  • Incident reporting.
  • Operational risk analyses (incl. Safe Job Analysis – SJA).
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment.
  • Safety Data Sheet.

The course and materials will as basic be supplied in the English language but can be custom made in content and other languages as well.

Duration: Custom made

Participants: Custom made

The course can be arranged worldwide.