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The purpose of a Health, Safety and Environment Management System is two-folded:

  • First, to prevent illness, injury and environmental damage.
  • Second, when illness, injury or environment damage occurs – have in place a well-established and rehearsed plan to ensure that the response is appropriate.

Mismanagement of health, safety and the environment is very expensive.

At SVENDBORG WAVE ApS we have the necessary knowledge, experience and practical understanding needed to create value and security for our customers.

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Elements included

Most successful health, safety, and environment management systems contain the following elements:

Control and Distribute Up-To-Date Documents
WE can help in creating protocols enabling distributions of current and correct information to the right people.

Safety Inspection Checklists
WE can help in creating safety inspection checklists which will decrease the amount of time it takes to perform inspections, and provide safety data that will show improving or declining over time.

Risk Assessments
We can help creating Risk Assessments to protect employees from potential harm, and your business from potential fines lawsuits.

Emergency Response Plan
Although we hope you never have to use an emergency response plan, it’s always better to have one in place than to scramble during an emergency.

We can help creating an Emergency Response Plans to include how to:

  • Report an emergency,
  • Evacuation procedures and assembly points,
  • Shut down operations,
  • Rescue and medical duties
  • Contact information
  • Hospitals and medical services

Training Program and Documentation System

We can help creating Employee safety training programs including:

  • Safety Awareness
    • Permit to work system
    • Risk Assessments
    • PPEs
  • Accident simulations
    • Emergency Response Plan
  • Hazardous Waste Management

Internal Audit and Schedule
Health and safety audits are a way to ensure compliance with safety laws, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses in your HSE management system.

We can assist in performing Audits on a regular basis.

List of Laws and Health, Safety and Environment Regulations for Compliance
We can assist in determine HSE laws and regulations for compliance.

Measurable Performance Metrics
We can assist in creating a HSE Performance Metrics which will help identify areas that need improvement, as well as trends over time. Key performance indicators for health, safety, and environment include:

  • Lost Time Rate (LTR)
  • Total Accident Rate (TAR)
  • Accident Severity Rate (ASR)
  • Total Recordable Injuries
  • Working Days Since Last Incident

Regular Meetings and Communications Strategy
We can assist in creating a consistent meeting schedule for health, safety, and environment staff for reviewing current HSE strategies and successfully implementing new initiatives.

We can assist in setting up a clear communication plan, which reduces confusion during emergencies.